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Listen. Learn. Adapt. Grow. Repeat.

While we understand that as artists, we want to CREATE; at some point you want your art to be seen, purchased, and referenced; or your skills to be acknowledged and perhaps teach those skills to others. That will only happen if you learn to use technology as your agent and publicist, until you have gotten to the point where you engage one (or more!)

That is why Anarchivist® was founded. This is the rewarding intersection where we exist, helping people at the crossroads of becoming more; and continuing to expand upon our mutual experience.

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We Are Passionate About Artists and Art Materials

We provide Social Media Growth and Optimization Services as well as B2C Automation and Advertising Solutions: from Content Creation to Marketing and Data Science Strategies.

Our Clients include Individual Artist Entrepreneurs and Companies in the Creative Industry, allowing them to Scale their Business to Meet the Demands of an Online Marketplace.

We Focus on the Edges so that you can Achieve your Core Business Goals.


Anarchivist: Tech for Artists